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The principal activities at the Centro LiberaMente are:

  • Clinical medical and pedagogic consultation
  • Psychological support
  • Psychotherapy  
  • Family Mediation  
  • Parenting support  
  • Educational consulting  
  • Interventions for the prevention of discomfort  
  • Area of addicions
  • Area of eating disorders  
  • Area of learning disabilities  
  • Area of personality disorders  
  • Sport Psychology  
  • Technical advice (CTP)  
  • Psychodiagnosis and neuropsychological assessment  
  • Assessing biological, psychological and existential damage  
  • Legal Advice  
  • Support groups and self-help  
  • Vocational  guidance
  • Consulting, training, mediation, empowerment for Companies and complex systems
  • Search and selection of Companies staff  
  • Development, organization, management and empowerment of human resources  
  • Development of collaborative networks  
  • Assessing work-related stress  
  • Quality assessment staff working in contact with users  
  • Counseling and psychotherapy in Italian and in English

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The Centro LiberaMente promotes and participates in initiatives that favor health and psychic well-being,  using correct scientific information, the divulging of present territorial resources through the organization of awareness  groups, seminars and conferences. The Centro LiberaMente is involved in bringing about  sanitation, psychological and educational  projects, for singles subjects, groups, associations and companies in collaboration with other territorial realities.  Furthermore it undertakes research activities in  clinical, social and educative fields as well as formation and supervision activities for professionals,  company counseling.

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