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The Centro LiberaMente is a medical psychological and pedagogical association that has been created by Professionals combining the experiences in the clinical field of a physician, two psychologists and a pedagogue. Formed according to the systemic approach that provides a set of intervention, its founders have worked together for years with integrated mode and network. The first in Genoa, the Center is at the forefront at the national level of a structure psycho-physical-social-oriented in its entirety, as indicated by the World Health Organization. It offers many services in health, integrating the disciplines of medicine, psychology and pedagogy. Besides the activities of clinical-medical and psychological counseling and psychotherapy, the Centre offers many opportunities with individual, couple and family courses and supports in various areas. Its services and projects are aimed at the general public, to businesses, companies and organizations with whom the Centre enters into agreements. In partnership with other trusts that operate in the health and welfare in general, the Centre makes use of freely associates with whom he shares the methodology and values.

The staff of the Centro LiberaMente