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Tamara Mesemi

Tamara Mesemi

Tamara Mesemi was born in Santa Margherita Ligure (near Genoa) March 5, 1971.

Psychologist specialized in Psychotherapy with a systemic-relational approach, she is member of the Order of Psychologists of Liguria with n. 1727 and she is in the list of Psychologist Psychotherapists in accordance with Art. 3 of Law 56/89.

Head of the Clinical and Therapeutic Area of the Centro LiberaMente, she works with individual, couple and family psychotherapy, counseling, short consultations, network works and project coordination. She obtained a second level Master in Criminological Science and she is an expert in the forensic psychology as a Technical Consultant in the assessment of biological damage in the psychological and existential and civil damages as a Technical Consultant (CTP) in family law.

Founder of numerous projects, especially for educational institutions of all levels, she is responsible for primary and secondary prevention on the issues of developmental psychology, family relationships, parenting, adolescence.

She has furthered her education in sports psychology, a discipline for which she is representative of the Centro LiberaMente, realizing various projects primarily aimed at sports coaches, athletic trainers, young athletes and their families. She is co-coordinator of the working group on sport psychology at the Order of Psychologists of Liguria.

She is a member of the coordination of the the Working Group “Primascoltare” for the association LHG12 on the family abuser and his taking care, taking part in the project work on support and assistance of the dysfunctional family, with particular attention to the perpetrator and protection of children involved.

Organizing awareness events for staff and families on the issue of primary and secondary prevention of child abuse, she received university teaching positions at the University of Genoa, Faculty of Education Sciences, as an expert on issues relating to bullying and juvenile delinquency. Founder of the project “The School in Listening”, she is the reference conductor and the door listening in school psychology in primary and nursery schools aimed at families and school staff.

She is also engaged in psychological training for staff of schools and kindergartens. She is the founder of the project “We expect up to three” for the primary prevention, awareness, support parenting 0-3 years and promoting the welfare of the family. Co-reference and co-host of “A school of emotions” for the primary prevention and to raise awareness of bullying through the emotional education and communication. She works with families of children with developmental and functional pervasive developmental disorders, adult patients with chronic diseases, cancer patients, psychiatric patients, through group therapy, self-help groups and psychoeducational.

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